Thursday, April 9, 2020

1000 Books Project: The Sagas of Icelanders Reading Schedule

Our next book in the 1000 Books Project: Non-Fiction 2020 is The Sagas of the Icelanders. This will be an April, May, June read-along. However, I am flexible because I realize life happens. Case in point, our first foray, Herodotus' The Histories proved very difficult for me, especially in the home stretch, as I'm craving escapist reading now considering what is currently going on in our world. Perhaps The Sagas will be a bit more escapist than dry old Herodotus.

The book I'm reading is the edition with a Preface by Jane Smiley (a favorite of mine...her 13 Ways of Looking at a Novel was part of the inspiration for one of the perpetual reading challenges I also host on this blog).

Here's the cover image for reference:

Reading/Discussion Schedule

I'm going to break this up in two parts (see post about schedule changes here).

Read for first discussion on May 15 July 15:

Preface, Introduction, etc. through The Saga of the People of Vatnsdal, pp. ix - 269

Read for second discussion on June 30 August 31: 

The Saga of the People of Laxardal through The Tale of the Story-Wise Icelander, pp. 270 - 724

Note: I did not include the Reference Section in this schedule

Let me know if you have any questions. Just leave me a comment.


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  1. Great! I'll keep the schedule in mind. Sounds good! I read her preface last night and I'm really excited to dive into the sagas. I think they will be a lot more readable than dry old Herodotus!


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