Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Update on Anne Rice's The Mummy Read-Along #ReadtheMummy

I've learned that a few people who are reading along are already finished (you go, guys!) so since I'm behind, instead of having two discussions, we will have the final discussion on November 1st. That will give me time to finish it! I'm loving it. It's as good as I remember.

Talk to you on November 1st!


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Anne Rice's The Mummy Read-Along #ReadtheMummy


I can't wait for Anne's new book, the sequel to The Mummy...Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra! That's why I decided, way back when Anne announced that her and Christopher had written the book, I would host a read-along of the first book. I absolutely loved it when I read it years ago and it remains one of my top favorites of her books.

I'm a bit late with the schedule, but I hope you will still join me. My copy is 436 pages so I'm thinking we will read the first half, have a discussion, and then read the second half, and have a final discussion. It actually works out nicely for this book because it has a Part One and a Part Two.

I will post discussions here and we will have an event over in the Gather Together and Read Facebook page.

  • Read Part One and join us for the discussion on October 16.
  • Read Part Two and join us for the discussion on November 1st.

I hope you will join me! I promise you...this book is SO good!

Note: This read-along is also part of the Never-Ending Anne Rice Challenge. You do not have to be a challenge participant to take part in the read-along.