Thursday, September 14, 2017

IT - #SummerofIT Read-Along Update

Sadly, the Summer of IT seems to have become the year of IT. I saw the movie on Sunday. AWESOME! Just to let you's "Chapter One" so there will be a second movie. So, if you're halfway (or more) through the book (like me), you're okay to see the movie without really spoiling the book...I think. Anyway, I'm going to keep plugging away. If you're still reading along (slowly, like me), I hope you will join me to discuss when the time comes. I'll be sure to post updates periodically.

Thanks for bearing with!


Friday, September 1, 2017

The Never-Ending #AnneRice Challenge announces...The Mummy Read-Along #ReadtheMummy

Everyone knows I'm a huge Anne Rice fan (duh, the reading challenge might be a clue lol). She's my favorite author and she has written a sequel (with her son, Christopher Rice) to one of my favorites of her books, The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned. The new book is titled Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra. So, I've decided to host a read-along of the first book in honor of the sequel's release in November. This will be a reread for me and frankly, I'm pretty excited. Rereading a favorite is always fun!

 The new book...squee!

If you would like to join us, leave a comment (and a link to your post, if you do one). I will have a post ready on October 1st with the reading/discussion schedule. Note: You do not have to be a Never-Ending Anne Rice challenge participant to join in on the read-along.

I hope you will join us!