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Friday, December 30, 2016

Read Your (Book) Shelf Challenge #ReadYourShelf

Taking the lead from the awesome book bloggers/booktubers who created the #RYBSAT (Read-your-bookshelf-a-thon), I've decided to start this new challenge starting January 1, 2017!

Note: I made some changes to the rules so be sure to read through again if you've already visited this post.

Here's what you do:
  • Go to your bookshelves. Pick out a book that you've been wanting to read on a particular shelf. 
  • Now continue down that line of books on the shelf (in order) until you have 12 books. (Here's an example image - most of my books are stacked instead of shelved traditionally because I have so many!) So, I choose Melissa Marr's Graveminder as my first choice and then I go up the stack until I have twelve total so I would end up at up at The Owl Killers).

  • You will then read your 12 books over the next twelve months, one book each month. You can read them in order (forward or reverse), or you can plug 1 - 12 into a randomizer each month to pick your title for the month. The point is that you're not specifically choosing the book each month. It's chosen for you, either by ordered reading, or random choice.
  • If you find that one of the books is part of a series and you've already read it, I will allow a substitution of another book from the series. However, if you find this happening (a whole series, several by the same author, etc) in the stack/shelf you chose, and you don't like it, I would suggest picking a different stack/shelf.
  • What an awesome way to tackle books gathering dust on your bookshelves. Right?
  • Challenge runs January through December of 2017
  • You can cross over books from your 12 books with other challenges. 
  • Just remember to stick to the guidelines above. 
  • Easy peasy!
    Sign up below and grab a button. I hope you will join me!

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    1. Awesome challenge, I'm just not sure which "shelf" to start looking.

      1. I just looked around my shelves and located a book I've been wanting to read, and then, as it was on the bottom, counted up 12 books, including that one (see pic above...that's what I'm using for my challenge). :-)

    2. Oh, I like the idea of grabbing 12 books off my shelf but I don't know if I could commit to reading them in order!! Is that a must? Also, what if one of the books is part of a series and you haven't read the earlier book(s) in the series (some of us don't have our shelves organized, LOL!)? Can I substitute with another book in the same series?

      1. I didn't think about that, Darlene. I'm going to make some changes to the rules so stay tuned. I guess I really didn't think it through as well as I should have.

      2. Thanks, Michelle, for updating the rules! Ok, count me in :) I like the randomizer idea. Alright, over the next few days, I am going to find a good shelf to pick from and officially sign up!

      3. Alright, I'm officially in :)

        There are two books in my stack that are #2 in a series, but I have the #1s of each series on audio so I'll have to listen to those first -- so I'll actually knock 14 books off my TBR if I manage to finish them all! I used the List Randomizer at and included the pic of that in my post.

        Thanks for hosting!

    3. This is a fun idea, I'm trying hard to read from my shelves and get the Travel the World in Books (TTWIB) Reading Challenge going again. If I pick one of the books from my TTWIB shelf then I'll have one a month for this year!

    4. I'm in. I still need to find a shelf/pile but I'm going for it

      1. No picture yet but I've got my list of books! I may need to change out one of them, I've got to check if I've read the first one

    5. I've got another question. Do I have to read one a month? Can I read them faster?

      1. Gina, you can read them faster, if you like. I made the rule so people will read their 12 books in a year. If you get all 12 read faster, that's awesome! Thanks for signing up!

      2. Thanks! I've already got the first one read

    6. Looking forward to it! With two small children I've been neglecting my inner bookworm, so this should help get me reading more again...and getting through my bookshelf 👍👍 Also aiming for 2017 to be a more creative one all round so hoping to be inspired too!
      I plan to look for another challenge to spread over the year too :-) Thanks!!

    7. Ps - I have two buttons above - sorry 😬 Could you keep the Crannies & Nooks one please? thanks