Thursday, June 30, 2022

1000 Books Project: The Gormenghast Trilogy Reading Schedule

Can hardly believe we are already on the second half of our Classic Fantasy project! Unfortunately, I stayed way behind on The Once and Future King (our first six months read). Honestly, I've had some problems reading it, which really surprised me because I'm such a King Arthur legend fangirl. 

All that being said, I'm just about finished with it and will have a final discussion post up soon. Hopefully by the weekend.

Now, on to The Gormenghast Trilogy! I've been wanting to read this one for years...ever since I saw there was a BBC miniseries back when Blockbuster had its home DVD club. I never did see it, but once I found it was based on a book, of course I went looking for it. Fast forward several years and the time is now! Just hoping I will be more enamored of it than T.H. White's book. We shall see.

I found it interesting that Book One, Titus Groan has named chapters, but Book Two (Gormenghast) and Book Three (Titus Alone) have numbered chapters. Maybe he didn't feel like coming up with chapter names later on. An author's whim! 

If you're interested in watching the miniseries at some point (with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in one of the lead roles), I found the four part miniseries on YouTube here. Otherwise, if you want to see it, you have to buy the DVD from Amazon (or some other retailer). 

Let the reading commence!

My edition: Published by Vintage 1999 - Trade paperback, 953 pages.

Discussions will be posted here on the blog according to the schedule below. Feel free to stop by the discussions any time. Post your thoughts in the comments, or share a link to a blog post.
  • July: Book One - Titus Groan, The Hall of the Bright Carvings - The Body by the Window, pp. 7 - 109
    Discussion - end of July/early August
  • August: Book One continued, Ullage of Sunflower - Early One Morning, pp. 109 - 268
    Discussion - end of August/early September
  • September: Book One continued, A Change of Colour - Mr Rottcodd Again, pp. 268 - 367
    Discussion - end of September/early October
  • October: Book Two - Gormenghast, One - Thirty-Seven, pp. 373 - 565
    Discussion - end of October/early November
  • November: Book Two continued, Thirty-Eight - Eighty, pp. 565 - 752
    Discussion - end of November/early December
  • December: Book Three - Titus Alone, Pub. Note - One Hundred and Twenty-Two, pp. 757 - 953 (end)
    Final Discussion - end of December/early January 2023
Just a note...I ask that you bear with me at times. Life is busy (as I'm sure many can appreciate) and I sometimes get behind. I'm going to really try to stay caught up this time. Fingers crossed!

The original challenge post with info and sign-up is here.

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