Saturday, August 14, 2021

1000 Books Project - Les Misérables Reading Schedule

Finally! Here is the reading schedule. Hopefully, you saw this post where I changed this read-along to the last five months of the year. We had an August start date, BUT I just finished The Count of Monte Cristo (final discussion here) so I'm starting it now. I'm really going to try to read a little each day so I stay caught up. Now, on to the details and reading schedule....

My edition: Hardcover, 908 pages, Published October 11th 2012 by Fall River Press

Discussions will be posted here on the blog on the dates indicated in the schedule. Feel free to stop by the discussions any time. Post your thoughts in the comments, or share a link to a blog post.
  • August: Volume I - Fantine
    Discussion: September 1st
  • September: Volume II - Cosette
    Discussion: October 1st
  • October: - Volume III - Marius
    Discussion: November 1st
  • November: Volume IV - Saint-Denis
    Discussion: December 1st
  • December: Volume V - Jean Valjean
    Discussion: January 1st (2022)
The original challenge post with info and sign-up is here.

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  1. That is a beautiful edition of Les Mis! Nice to read this classic in a sturdy hardcover. My Broadway musical tie-in paperback is well-loved, and frankly, a little beaten up, so I may look for this lovely edition. More important, I will try to do the readalong with you too! Looking forward to it. The first book of "Fantine" is certainly one of the most moving parts of any novel!

    1. Yes, I was excited to get this edition. I had an older edition in two mass market paperback copies. The print was TINY! Couldn't do it. Let me know if you pick this one up. Glad you will be joining me! Hopefully, this one will go more smoothly than Monte Cristo. I've had a lot going on the past seven months.

  2. I just finished up Fantine's section. Wow. I never realized that Hugo was the Charles Dickens of his era. Writing these wrenching novels to show how awful society was. Tough but so good. Javert is even more awful in the book than he is in the movies.

    1. I suck, as usual. Behind. Sorry! I will post an update soon. *hangs head in shame*


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