Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Anne Rice's The Mummy Read-Along #ReadtheMummy


I can't wait for Anne's new book, the sequel to The Mummy...Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra! That's why I decided, way back when Anne announced that her and Christopher had written the book, I would host a read-along of the first book. I absolutely loved it when I read it years ago and it remains one of my top favorites of her books.

I'm a bit late with the schedule, but I hope you will still join me. My copy is 436 pages so I'm thinking we will read the first half, have a discussion, and then read the second half, and have a final discussion. It actually works out nicely for this book because it has a Part One and a Part Two.

I will post discussions here and we will have an event over in the Gather Together and Read Facebook page.

  • Read Part One and join us for the discussion on October 16.
  • Read Part Two and join us for the discussion on November 1st.

I hope you will join me! I promise you...this book is SO good!

Note: This read-along is also part of the Never-Ending Anne Rice Challenge. You do not have to be a challenge participant to take part in the read-along.



  1. Hi Michelle! I won't be able to make it tomorrow, I'm a little late on the reading, but next week I'll come here and share my thoughts :) I'm still on that part when Ramses awakes and is now going to the bathroom (I think?) with Julie :)


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